What is it you offer more that the Airport’s Parking?2019-10-22T14:56:08+00:00
  1. Special price list with large discounts and monthly offers.
  2. Safeguarding and security of your vehicle at a specially fenced area, adequately lighted and protected 24 hours per day by specialized personnel.
  3. Free of charge transfer to and from the main entrance of the Makedonia Airport, with your luggage with no suffering or long and tiring routes.
  4. Full caring of your vehicle at all levels
What is the procedure needed for handing over / receiving of my vehicle?2019-10-22T14:56:37+00:00

You make your reservation online or by telephone.

You reach with your vehicle at AirpArk Plus Area by choosing one of the two junctional entrances, 700 m. away from the Thessaloniki Airport “MAKEDONIA” and 200 m. away after the Airport junction towards Peraia.

Upon your arrival, we transport your luggage to one of AirpArk Plus car until you register to our helpdesk.

In five minutes, a professional driver will transport you to the Airport and just outside the nearest check-in / drop-off luggage entrance

Upon your arrival, and after your luggage pick up, you give us a call at +302310478822 and by the time you get out of the Airport’s exit, in five minutes we will reach your designated exit to pick you up.

How much earlier should I arrive at Airport Plus and how much time will it take to transport to the Airport?2019-10-22T14:57:06+00:00

Its 30.000 sq.m. facilities, with 2 junctional entrances, are 700 m. away from the Thessaloniki Airport “MAKEDONIA” and 200 m. away after the Airport junction towards Peraia. Choose the entrance that serves you best and arrive 10-15 minutes prior the time you should arrive at the Airport. In times with high traffic, like holidays, summer or road traffic, our experiences personnel will notify you for your timely arrival at our premises.

Should I keep or hand over the key of my car?2019-11-05T11:17:25+00:00

It is entirely up to you. We can park your vehicle as soon as you arrive at our premised and keep your keys or you can leave it with us where we will keep it safe at a special area. Also, if you wish to find your vehicle washed or some other care, then you will have to leave your key with us.

Should I reserve a seat?2019-10-22T14:58:00+00:00

It would be good to reserve your seat either by telephone or on line so that we can previously register your data and for the procedure to be quicker the procedure at our helpdesk upon your arrival.

How long can I leave my vehicle to Airpark Plus premises?2019-10-22T14:58:25+00:00

As long as you wish and need for your journey. For longer time periods please be informed for our special offers and privileged prices.

How many people can you transport from and to the Airport?2019-10-22T14:58:49+00:00

Airpark Plus undertakes the transport of all people that will travel with you with no extra charge. For your best service please let us know before hand for the exact number of people that will travel with you.

Transport from and to the airport occurs on a 24-hour basis? During holidays also?2019-10-22T14:59:14+00:00

Exactly! Have no concern for your transport time (departure/arrival) even if it a holiday. Airpark Plus operates 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Useful Travel Tips from Airpark Plus

Please find below some simple yet useful travel tips that will help you with your travels.

Reaching at the Airport

Your decision on how long before check-in/departure you should arrive at the airport is one of the most common concerns of those who travel with airplanes.

There are many factors you should take into account like queues during ticket control, security control, luggage control, finding your departure gate.

Each airline has slightly different procedures and rules, so we have made a guide for departure from the MAKEDONIA Airport.

Keep in mind to check in electronically if you travel only with hand luggage as you will save a lot of time. If you have to deliver your luggage you should always be at the airport 1-1,5 hours earlier.

Security Control

Airport’s security control is a stressful experience for all, especially if one does not know all the rules regarding what is allowed or not to carry on to the airplane

They are not allowed, and you will not be able to pass through the security control:

  • Sharp objects
  • Any kind of liquids, including water
  • Food
  • Colognes and cosmetics in bottles and boxes that fit more than 100ml

Traveling with your family

Going on holidays with your family is a wonderful and exciting experience that will provide a lot of great memories.

However, your preparation may be stressful, especially with babies and infants; so, plan your journey beforehand. Pack correctly all needed stuff that are controlled through security and games that can keep children occupied and entertained during your flight.

 Traveling with pets

Pets are part of your family and we know that you want to keep them happy, so you have to plan their transport correctly.

You will definitely need your pet’s passport but it would be wiser to get in touch with the airline you will be flying with in order to get informed for the procedures regarding entrance and exit of your pet from the country you wish to travel to and from.

More information on the following link : https://www.skg-airport.gr/el/flights–more/airport-information

Airpark Plus team wishes you have a safe travel and a happy return.